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Curious about what is the A to Z reading challenge? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back!

what is the a to z reading challenge plus free template with image of women writing in book journal in background

So, imagine diving into a reading adventure that takes you through the entire alphabet, discovering new authors, genres, and stories that you might not have picked up otherwise.

That’s what the alphabet reading challenge is all about.

Having gone through the challenge myself, I can honestly say it’s a fantastic way to broaden your literary horizons while sticking to your preference for clean books. Whether you’re looking for historical fiction free from graphic content, fantasy adventure, or a contemporary romance with wholesome themes, this challenge has something for everyone.

With years of experience in curating and recommending books, I’ve developed a knack for picking out titles that are both engaging and suitable for all readers.

It’s like having a personal librarian leading you on a literary adventure that’s safe, enriching, and loads of fun – no need to sift through countless books on Goodreads or StoryGraph!

So, are you ready to embark on this alphabetical adventure? Let’s dive in together!

What is a reading challenge?

A reading challenge is a fun and motivating way to encourage yourself to read more books within a set period, usually a year.

It typically involves setting goals, such as reading a certain number of books, exploring different genres, or following specific themes.

These challenges can help you break out of your usual reading habits, discover new authors, and broaden your literary horizons.

What are the rules for the alphabet reading challenge?

The rules for the alphabet reading challenge are pretty simple.

For this challenge, you’ll need to read a book that starts with each letter of the alphabet, from A to Z.

The main goal is to find books where the title begins with each letter. Some people might let “A” or “The” slide when it comes to book titles, meaning you can count “The Great Gatsby” for “G” or “A Tale of Two Cities” for “T.”

How strict you want to be with this rule is up to you—just have fun with it!

A to Z reading challenge template

When I first embarked on my alphabet reading challenge, I wanted a system that kept me organized and inspired. That’s where my custom reading challenge pack came in, and let me tell you, it made the whole experience so much more enjoyable and manageable.

What made the challenge template work for me:

  1. Clean book recommendations: For each letter of the alphabet, I carefully selected three clean book recommendations. This was a lifesaver! Having a curated list at my fingertips meant I never ran out of options, no matter what mood I was in or what letter I was tackling. It made the challenge a breeze and introduced me to some amazing books I might never have discovered otherwise.
  2. Bookstagram tracker: I also included a Bookstagram tracker in the pack. If you’re like me and love sharing your bookish adventures on social media, this is a must-have. It let me keep track of the books I posted about and helped me engage more with the bookish community online.
  3. Printable tracker with star reviews: Finally, the printable tracker complete with a space for star reviews was an absolute gem. It allowed me to rate each book I read. Whenever I finished a book, I filled in this tracker, which gave me a satisfying sense of accomplishment and a handy record of my journey from A to Z.

The best part? You can download all these tools for free! Whether you’re a seasoned reader or just starting out, this reading challenge pack will add a layer of fun and organization to your adventures.

Grab it here! Or below!

The A to Z reading challenge has helped me read so much more this year! With the clean book recommendations and tracking tools, I’m more motivated and organized. A must-try for any book lover!

Korrina U.

What is the point of the reading challenge?

Maybe you got this far and are wondering, “What is even the point?” Well, a reading challenge can help you read more, create new reading habits, and discover books you might never have picked up otherwise.

It’s a fun way to push your boundaries, stay motivated, and connect with other readers who share your love of books. Plus, it adds a sense of accomplishment as you work your way through the alphabet, one letter at a time.

FAQs about the A to Z Reading Challenge

Is there a time limit to complete the challenge?

Not necessarily. Most people try to complete it within a year, but feel free to set your own pace. Whether it takes a few months or more than a year, the most important thing is enjoying the process.

Can I count a book towards multiple reading challenges?

Absolutely! If a book fits into multiple challenges, go ahead and count it for each one. There are no hard and fast rules; it’s all about enhancing your reading experience.

Do I have to read the books in alphabetical order?

Nope! You can read the books in any order you like. Picking books based on your interest at the moment is a great way to keep the challenge enjoyable and less pressuring.

Can I re-read books for this challenge?

Yes, re-reading books is allowed. If a past favorite fits into your current challenge criteria, go for it! Re-reading can bring a new perspective and deepen your appreciation of the book.

Is there a community I can join to share my progress?

Absolutely! Tons of readers share their progress on social media, especially on Instagram with hashtags like #AtoZReadingChallenge. You can also join my free Facebook community, Clean & Christian Readers Book Club, right here! We’ll cheer you on every step of the way as you tackle this challenge!

Come join my new bookish community!

If you’re as passionate about reading as I am, why not take the next step and join my exclusive Facebook group, the Clean & Christian Readers Book Club?

It’s the perfect place to dive deeper into your literary journey, get personalized book recommendations, and share your favorite reads with a supportive community.

Did you discover everything about the A to Z Book Challenge?

So, there you have it! The alphabet reading challenge is all about celebrating the joy of reading, one letter at a time. It’s an amazing way to diversify your reading list and discover new genres and authors you might not have explored otherwise.

Plus, it’s totally flexible—you get to set the pace and enjoy every moment without any added pressure.

Ready to get started or take your challenge to the next level? I’m super excited to share a free A to Z Reading Challenge pack with you!

It’s packed with book recommendations for each letter of the alphabet to help you on your journey.

⬇️ Download it now and dive into an alphabet adventure that’ll keep your TBR pile interesting and fun.

Happy reading, and don’t forget to join our community to share your progress and get some extra encouragement!

Save This Guide!

Got no time to spare? Tired of endless scrolling? Just drop your email and get this blog post delivered straight to your inbox. Save it for easy reference.

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