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Curious about Denise Hunter books in order? I’ve got you covered!

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If you’ve stumbled upon the charming world of award-winning author Denise Hunter’s novels but find yourself scratching your head about where to start or what comes next, you’re not alone. 

Navigating through her extensive collection of heartwarming romantic stories can feel a bit like trying to find your way through a beautiful, densely wooded forest without a map—exciting but slightly overwhelming. 

That’s where I come in! 

I’ve spent more time than I care to admit deep-diving into Hunter’s work, exploring every nook and cranny of her fictional towns and getting to know her characters like they’re childhood friends. 

I’ve emerged with not just a profound appreciation for her storytelling finesse but also with a comprehensive guide to help you find your way. 

Trust me, with my experience and expertise, you’re in good hands. 

Let’s make sense of Denise Hunter’s literary universe together, ensuring your reading experience is as smooth and enjoyable as an autumn stroll through one of her idyllic settings.

Best Denise Hunter books to start with

#1 Top Pick

Dancing with Fireflies by Denise Hunter

✅ Lovable characters with the sweetest romance

#2 Pick

Lake Season by Denise Hunter

✅ Brings out all the emotions with an incredible setting and characters

#3 Pick

Bookshop by the Sea

✅ Bookish main character with the cutest second chance romance

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Ultimate Denise Hunter book list

Denise Hunter stand alone books

“I love how books can transport you to another place. You get caught up in the characters’ lives, and they become your friends. I guess I want to share my love of reading with others.”

― Denise Hunter, Bookshop by the Sea


Denise Hunter series in order (Full List)

Kansas Brides

  1. Stranger’s Bride (1999) 
  2. Never a Bride (2000) 
  3. Bittersweet Bride (2002) 
  4. His Brother’s Bride (2003)

New Heights Series

  1. Mending Places (2004) 
  2. Saving Grace (2005) 
  3. Finding Faith (2006)

Nantucket Series

  1. Surrender Bay (2007) 
  2. The Convenient Groom (2008) 
  3. Seaside Letters (2009) 
  4. Driftwood Lane (2010)

Big Sky Series

  1. A Cowboy’s Touch (2011) 
  2. The Accidental Bride (2012) 
  3. The Trouble with Cowboys (2012)

“And then he was gone. Gone in so many ways. Not just lost in the moment, but lost in Abigail. She’d come into his home and found her way into his boarded-up heart. She’d pulled off the sheets, dusted the corridors, and let the sun in again. It felt good. He felt alive. She made him feel alive.”

― Denise Hunter, A Cowboy’s Touch

The Chapel Springs Romance Series

  1. Barefoot Summer (2013) 
  2. Dancing With Fireflies (2014) 
  3. The Wishing Season (2014) 
  4. Married ’til Monday (2015)

Summer Harbor Series

  1. Falling Like Snowflakes (2015) 
  2. The Goodbye Bride (2016) 
  3. Just a Kiss (2016)

Blue Ridge Series

  1. Sweetbriar Cottage (2017) 
  2. Blue Ridge Sunrise (2017) 
  3. Honeysuckle Dreams (2018) 
  4. On Magnolia Lane (2018)

“He’d fight all her dragons, every last one of them, and she didn’t even have to ask.”

― Denise Hunter, Blue Ridge Sunrise

Bluebell Inn Romance Series

  1. Lake Season (2019) 
  2. Carolina Breeze (2020) 
  3. Autumn Skies (2020)

Riverbend Romance Series

  1. Riverbend Gap (2021) 
  2. Mulberry Hollow (2022) 
  3. Harvest Moon (2022) 
  4. Wildflower Falls (2023)

“Sometimes family isn’t the situation you’re born into but the people who’ve chosen to love you along the way.”

― Denise Hunter, Riverbend Gap

Series collaborated with

Smitten Series

  1. Reese (2011)
  2. Love Blooms (2013)
  3. Happily Ever After (2014)

Year Of Weddings Series

Anthologies Collaborated with

Who is Denise Hunter?

Denise Hunter, is an internationally published bestselling author with a collection of over 40 novels, is known for her heartwarming small-town love stories and characters navigating real-life challenges. She’s scooped up quite a collection of awards, snagging the Holt Medallion Award, Reader’s Choice Award, Carol Award, and Foreword Book of the Year Award, and even made it as a RITA finalist! 

Her books have not only inspired Hallmark movies but have also enchanted readers in search of those happily-ever-after moments. 

From crafting stories during her children’s naps to now relishing an empty nest in Indiana, Denise’s storytelling is driven by love, creativity, and family escapades.

FAQs About Denise Hunter

What was Denise Hunter’s first book?

Stranger’s Bride was the book that kicked off Denise Hunter’s publishing journey back in 1999. Can you believe it? Definitely a must-read for those looking to start at the very beginning!

What genre does Denise Hunter write?

Denise Hunter crafts stories with a heart, weaving tales that fall firmly within the Christian romance genre.

She’s known for her ability to tug at the heartstrings with her emotionally charged narratives and delightful characters, typically set against quaint, idyllic backdrops that make you wish you could jump right into the pages.

Which Denise Hunter books were made into Hallmark movies?

Three of Denise Hunter’s novels have been adapted into beloved hallmark original movie’s, bringing her charming tales of love and faith to the screen. These include The Convenient Groom, A December Bride, and The Goodbye Bride

Each film embodies the warmth and heartfelt storytelling Denise Hunter is celebrated for, capturing the essence of her characters and the picturesque settings that fans adore.

Is Bookshop by the Sea part of a series?

Nope, Bookshop by the Sea is a standalone novel. It’s like a cozy retreat in book form, so you can jump right in without needing to catch up on any series.

How many Denise Hunter books are there?

Well, Denise Hunter has written 54 books (including coming soon releases)—yeah, you heard that right! 

She’s pretty prolific and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Authors similar to Denise Hunter

  1. Rachel Hauck
  2. Becky Wade
  3. Deborah Raney
  4. Karen Kingsbury
  5. Kristin Billerbeck 
  6. Colleen Coble
  7. Betsy St. Amant
  8. Beth K. Vogt 

Did you discover the best way to dive into Denise Hunter’s world?

And there you have it, folks—a cozy blanket of facts about Denise Hunter books in order and her enchanting world of Christian romance. Whether you’re new to her books or a longtime fan, there’s always something new to discover in the pages of her books. 

Remember, you don’t have to wander through a forest of book titles to find your next read. 

To make your life easier, I’ve whipped up a nifty free PDF that sums up everything we’ve chatted about today. 

It’s like having your own treasure map, but instead of X marking the spot, it leads you straight to your next beloved book. 

Scroll down a little more to download and start your Denise Hunter adventure! 

Happy reading!

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